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You sell the extensions, we fulfill the order!

Dropshipping is a way for professionals to retail and sell WedLocks Extensions, either online or in-store, without the overhead of having an inventory. 

Dropshipped orders include:

- Extension card card

- Extension install card

- Scrunchy

- WedLocks finger sticker

- Extra halo wire + clips (for halos only)


How To Dropship an Order:

1. Receive extension order from customer. 

2. Sign into your professional account on ShopWedLocks.

3. Add extensions to cart.

4. Add dropship fee.

5. Put your billing and payment in at checkout.

6. Put customer's shipping address in for the shipping details.

7. Complete your order.


We will fulfill the order in 1-2 business days. 

Orders are shipped from Denver, CO.


Dropshipping fee MUST be added to orders that are being drop shipped.