We know that choosing between clip-in and halos can be confusing, not to mention choosing the right color!

Not to worry bestie! We got your back and we are here to help you look your best in our extensions.

So follow the guide below to help guide you in your selection. If at any point, you aren't sure or have a question, fill out the color match form, send us some photos of your hair and we are happy to help!

#1 Natural Hair Length

This is going to be one of the biggest deciding factors on which kind of extensions you get.

Storter than Collar Bone: Clip-Ins work best

Collar Bone or Longer: Clip-Ins or Halos

Extension FAQ


Our specialty clip-ins are specifically designed to lay as flat to the head as possible using our seamless weft technology. This allows for your clip-ins to be virtually undetectable.


We have added special detachable clips to our halos to add extra stability so you can feel confident that your halo will stay in place all day!

Should I go with a clip-ins or halos?

Clip-Ins are best for collarbone length or shorter and up styles.

Halos are best in hair longer than collarbone and mostly down styles.

Color Match Email

Take your hair down and pull forward

Find a large window in your home

Stand 3 ft. in front of the window

Take a photo

Send it to us

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