In general, the less you wash your extensions, the better.

    Washing will breakdown and dry out the extensions faster and since extensions don't produce oils, you don't need to wash them very often at all, (unless the are dirty or have product build up on them.)

    When washing your extensions wash with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Extensions have a tendency to be dry so I usually substitute conditioner for a hair mask or treatment.


    Be kind to your extensions and they will last you for years!

    Our favorite way of storing (and traveling) extensions is with one of our WedLocks Extension bag and hanger. *Pants hangers work great too!*

    Once you have a good hanger to put your extensions on, we suggest storing them in a convenient place in your closet so you are always reminded to wear them!


    Most extensions look best when they have been blended by a professional.

    If you have a blunt cut, your extensions may require more blending and cutting to make them look more natural.

    Make sure you ask your stylist if they can blend/cut your extensions for you.


    When using heat on your extensions, always use a heat protectant and keep your temperature as low as possible.

    Extensions have a tendency to stay curled longer than most natural hair, which is always a plus!

    Try to avoid sticky or tacky products like hairspray. The less you have to wash your extensions, the better.


    While we always try to get the closest match to your natural hair, you may want to tone/color your extensions for an even more seamless match.

    You can always color your extensions darker in order to get your perfect match, but you can NOT go lighter. DO NOT put bleach or lightener on your extensions!

How To Install Your Extensions

Clip-In Install

Halo Install